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Spyro glanced up at his former mentor and still close friend, Ignitus, “Well?  Who’s the journal for?”

Ignitus turned his gaze to Spyro, “What do you mean, who?  It’s written right there.”

“…all I can see is a blank page, Ignitus.”

Ignitus glanced back and forth from the book to Spyro, frowning, “So that’s what it meant…”


“The book.  Before you came—the reason I called to you—when the book was still blank and I had no knowledge of it…The book had words written in it before, and among them was the command that I had to tell this book’s story.  I see now that if anyone else wants to KNOW the story, then I and I alone must tell it.”  He sighed and shook his head, “This may take some time.  I am still learning my own position as this age’s Chronicler.  Stranger things may yet happen.”  He gave Spyro a warm smile and sighed, “Go get the others, my young friend.  This is a story they should all hear.”

…”…I am Chronos, Master of the element wind.

For those who now read this journal, I ask again.  Please read on and remember me.  I fear it is the only way I can warn the future of the doom ready to descend upon it.

…and…I am at fault.  I did not see it in time, and lost many good friends because of my oversight, but worse…I lost my son.  My little Malefor was taken and warped by the fiends, twisted into a monstrosity with misconstrued ideals.  I could have stopped them before they started, but…I didn’t.  I failed to act because they promised to teach him more of a forgotten power.  When he was still young, not even of ten years, he mastered the four basic elements of fire, ice, electricity, and earth.  I was so proud of my son…he was a PURPLE dragon!  One of legend, of GREAT prophecy!  Excited as I was, I showed him a secret element that was not part of the era’s common knowledge.  I showed him how to control the very wind.  He took to it so quickly that he matched and surpassed my OWN level of expertise within the week.  To see him understand so many complexities…I would boast of the boy to what friends I had.  I couldn’t help but feel so PROUD of him…of MY son…of Malefor, the purple dragon that was destined to save the world.”

Ignitus sat back, looking confused, “Intriguing.  This journal seems to be during the time of Malefor’s childhood, before whatever changed him came along…back when the elders had hopes for the child…” He sighed and continued reading.

“Malefor was so intent on his powers that he sought out ways to improve them further, even though there were none…and then…he stumbled upon the fury of each element.  He found he could build up and release intense amounts of the elements over a short period of time.  This astounded EVERYONE in the council.  Two members of the council came forward when they heard of this and asked if I would be willing to let them teach him another element—one meant for healing.  I was ecstatic to say the least.  They were going to show him how to draw the maladies of others out of their bodies—out of the very AIR.  To keep him safe, they showed him how to coalesce the poisons into a sphere before him, and to release it away from him, generally on rocks and similar things where it would vanish without harming a soul.  Malefor enjoyed himself so MUCH with the new power that the day after he was shown it, any and all sickness in the people and the air was GONE.  He had even developed a fury for THAT, which took what poisons were there, altered them to a thick mist, and drove them wherever he wished.  He would throw it high into the air and let it explode, laughing at the sight.  My boy claimed that he had thrown it so high that it would reach the stars.  I did not doubt him.

But that was where I should have let it end.  Those same two members of the council approached me again, claiming they had more elements to teach him.  I allowed it…and…Malefor changed.  One day, I saw him and was overcome with absolute terror.  A red glow seemed to surround everything in my vision, and red waves passed from Malefor’s mouth.  Whatever the red wave hit, the red would remain in that person’s eyes, and they would flee from my son, overcome by inexplicable fear.  Later still, I saw my son covered in shadowy smoke.  He could use it to dive into the earth, or throw it forward in the shape of a paw with its talons reaching farthest forward.  The furies of both of these powers were devastating.  The one that induced fear surrounded him in a thick orb filled with the red fear before shooting out in all directions and literally paralyzing everyone it touched.  When he used those shadows as a fury, it would choose on its own what form to take.  Sometimes it would mimic the fear, other times, it would surround Malefor and alter him from purple to pure black, whitening his eyes and tripling his strength…and yet other times—and this is the most fearsome—it would alter him into a black mist that he could take to others…and control them.  He could inhabit their bodies at his whim…”

Again, Ignitus stopped, but this time he peered closely at the journal, “…incredible…”

“What?  What’s wrong?”  Cynder asked, edging a little closer to the book.

Ignitus shook his head, “I…I have found another script on the page.  A second set of hands wrote in this book.  The words are small…harder to make out.  Give me a moment to decipher them…”  His eyes went WIDE, “…Malefor…”


“Malefor!  Malefor wrote in this book as well!  I…Cynder!  CYNDER, STOP!!!!”  Cynder had jumped forward at the book, grabbing it and throwing it far away from everyone.  She took her fighting stance and breathed out an intense blast of poison at it…
And voting is officially closed for this section of the story.

Spyro and company are copyrighted to their creators.

The story itself is copyrighted to me.

Okay! The next part is up! (And don't worry, Malefor's portion will still happen. Just not quite yet. It's choice time! ^__^)

What will happen?

A ) The same as Ignitus' flame

B ) Cynder will vanish

C ) Chronos and Malefor will rise from the book as spirits

D ) A Chronicler before Chronos will appear as a spirit

E ) The library will return to Ignitus

F ) The Elders responsible for corrupting Malefor will return and attempt to corrupt someone new

G ) The book becomes alive


H ) Spyro is forced into slumber by an unseen force and granted one more element not yet seen even by Cynder

Link to beginning of book one : [link]

Link to previous chapter :[link]

Link to next chapter :[link]
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Delvarian Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010
I believe I vote for C and F. I would love to see how they react to Malefor's spirit.
Grathiam Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2010
Sorry, but this one's done with voting...(Unless it was a mistake when you voted, you know, not reading other bits first. Happens to me all the time. ^__^ Either way, I'm afraid the votes for this chapter don't count, but I saw you already voted on the current chapter, so no worries! ^__^)
Ebony-Flute Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009  Student
I pick B, once again, because I think the idea of Cynder vanishing would be a major driving effort to the story (after all, it DID work in The Eternal Night, no?) Anyhoo, whatever you choose, excellent job, your story is already addictive enough to make the wait between chapters difficult :)
Se05239 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2009
On =Maria-disaster's request, I've read this in order to make a vote that maybe will make a difference. An ancient book, full of knowledge... how would it act if it became alive? How now "alive" to you mean? Transforming? Flying around with the gift of speech? I do not care, but since knowledge is power, it would be dreaded.

I vote for "G".
BethanyAngelstar Featured By Owner May 28, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
I myself think all those are so COOL...but I kinda like the idea of option F. ^__^ I don't just sounds cool!! HAHA!
Grathiam Featured By Owner May 28, 2009
Glad ye like it! ^__^
BethanyAngelstar Featured By Owner May 28, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Of course I did!! ^__^ I love everything you write!!
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