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Cynder growled, “If Malefor had something to do with it, then it needs to be destroyed.  You don’t know his power like I do.  He stayed trapped for CENTURIES.  He should have passed on…but look what he did—what he NEARLY did.  If it hadn’t been for Spyro, none of us would be alive right now…”

Ignitus draped a wing over her, “The book took something dear to me when I attacked it.  I do not know if the same will happen to you, but…I fear the worst.  Stay by Spyro’s side for the rest of the story.  It is a book, and while I will agree that it has magical properties, I do not think Malefor kept his presence hidden within its pages.”  Ignitus walked to the book and carefully picked it back up and set it back down on the pedestal.  He turned back to the page he’d been reading, sighing with relief when it looked like nothing had changed.  Frowning, Ignitus went to close the book, “Perhaps we should finish this another time…” He turned to the group, “I have sleeping quarters that can accommodate all of you.  Will you stay the night?”

Spyro nodded, but as he moved to comfort Cynder, he asked, “Ignitus, why can’t you leave this place?  Terrador and the others would be thrilled to see you again.  I know they would.”

“Alas, my place is here.”  Ignitus said with a soft smile, “My body has faded away, leaving my spirit to live on.  I would have simply merged with my element, but Chronos came to me and granted me his powers.  It gave me this body you now see, but the price is that this body can only be sustained by the energies of this realm.  If I were to leave, I would die yet again, and then the Chronicler would be no more.  A Chronicler MUST exist to record history, else history would cease, and time would end.  I will not be the one responsible for truly ending this planet.  Now come…we’ve seen enough trouble for one day.  You need some rest.”

…Ignitus waited until everyone was asleep, then went back to the book.  He glared at it a little, opening it to the first page.  This time, he read the smaller script that Malefor had left within the book, “…remarkable.  Simply remarkable.  I don’t even know what this power IS, but it’s MINE.  ALL of the other elements were so SIMPLE to master.  I can do things with them that the rest of the dragons can only DREAM of.  But THIS…oh, this is beyond even MY understanding.”  Ignitus frowned.  What was Malefor talking about?  He sighed and read on, “Fire, earth, electricity, and ice…the most common elements.  Wind, poison, fear and shadow…less common and even some unknown, but all so EASY.  I wanted a challenge, and I found it.  The SPIRIT.  A purple dragon’s power comes from his ability to tap into his spirit and mimic the powers of others.  That mimicry becomes real to his body, which then alters itself to accommodate the differing powers.  In essence, all elements are, for a purple dragon, just extensions of his will, his power.  But when a purple dragon digs deeper, he can tap into an element that is no element.  It comes out in the form of purple flames.  It is utterly unstoppable, and I have so far only been able to release this power as a fury…but…perhaps the simpler form of this element takes an altogether different form.  I have also discovered that I can slightly manipulate time around me.  Slowing it down while I stay the same speed.  I’ve already tried using it a few times to sneak into the Council’s chambers and back out.  I can use this power as much as I want, but for some reason it exists on something of a time limit.  I cannot get it to last longer than ten seconds—enough time to reach a hiding place, but once I’ve used it, I must wait five seconds before I can use it again.  It is bothersome…but I know I’ll find a way to change it.  There MUST be a way.  I am a purple dragon.  What is impossible for others is possible for me.”  Ignitus sat back with a sigh.  He could see why the Ancestors had placed so much hope in the dragon.  To master elements so quickly, and then master ones some had never even heard of in such a short time span…they must have thought he would create an era of peace unlike anything the world had ever seen.  It was so sad that his path had convinced him he needed to destroy the planet rather than save it.


Ignitus turned back, “Hunter?  What are you doing up?  Surely you are weary…”

“I can rest later.  What of you?  I understand that this place most likely allows you to go without sleep for LONG periods of time, but won’t the weight of the world’s matters wear at you?”

“…they might have, yes, but Spyro rid us of the largest threat.  Compared to Malefor’s destructive intent, the worries of the world are of little consequence.  What of it?”

“I heard you speaking out the other script in the book…Malefor’s writing.  It worries me that such a tainted spirit would share so much with such a peaceful being as Chronos was.  His son…it seems impossible.”

“…indeed it does.  Hunter, what do you know of raising hatchling dragons?”

“Very little, Ignitius.”

“Yes.  Very little.  When dragons lay their eggs, the eggs are all moved to one place.  Depending on the number of dragons, this place may sometimes be directly in the center of a large village.  The hatchlings are not meant to know who their true parents are for a reason.  The hatchlings are allowed to wander the village and take to whomever they fancy.  This allows for the simplest placing of a dragon’s soul.  They latch on to what interests them the most, and learn from that single source.  The parents certainly know who their children are, but the children themselves are never told.  Chronos wrote that Malefor was his son.  But Malefor did not yet mention his father.  I would assume Malefor simply took after whatever he fancied, and being a purple dragon, that was quite a lot.  He learned every element that existed, and some that didn’t.  To him, Chronos was just another teacher.”

“…Igniuts?  I remember you speaking once of the many eggs that were destroyed under your watch.  If it was just four of you to guard the eggs, how many were there?”

Ignitus found his smile at the question, though it was tainted by the sad memory of so many eggs being shattered, “That particular year was the year of the dragon.  A time of great importance to us.  The only eggs we guarded were those from villages that felt DIFFERENT to the rest.  We had gathered every egg that was deemed abnormal.  The moment I was given Spyro’s egg, I knew what he was, but the rest of the eggs were still kept under our watch.  These eggs would hold dragons that were meant to do great things for the world.  Cynder was one of them.  She not only helped save the planet alongside Spyro, but she had taken the Darkness Malefor twisted into the land and turned it into a beacon of light.  One that, should another dragon stumble upon even one of her set of powers, she can teach.  She can keep them from being overwhelmed by such darkness, and stop a dragon like Malefor from ever developing again.  If all the eggs had survived, I feel the war we fought would have gone much differently, and Spyro might have grown up with a large number of friends like himself.”

Hunter frowned a little, “You don’t count us among his friends?”

“Of course I do.  But it would have been better for him to be around dragons that were destined for something more.  He’s latched onto Cynder—the only other dragon who would ever be able to understand him.  They’ve grown closer together simply because they are the only ones like themselves.  It is a kind thought, yet a sad one.  There were two dozen eggs that could have hatched, Hunter.  Out of twenty-four eggs, only two survived.  That is a depressing view, at best.”

Hunter nodded, approaching Ignitus and his book.  He looked at the pages with a scowl, “I do not understand what kind of magic keeps everyone but you from seeing what is written here.  When Cynder struck it, I was hopeful that it might have changed the book to allow us all to see what was written, but I see I was wrong.”  Hunter placed a hand on the book and turned a page, then turned it back with a dissatisfied grunt, “I despise mysteries.  This book has caused enough trouble for you, Ignitus.  When this is over, you should find a way to destroy it.”

“When I last attacked it, the book had a spell woven into it that took away that which was most precious to me.  With no one here to speak to, my books were that which I considered most precious.  All of them are gone, and to get them back, I must tell the story this book had to offer, but now I do not know if it spoke truly.  There are two stories in the book.  There may be more.  I…” The book suddenly flashed, “Hunter, get back.”

Hunter frowned, “I saw nothing, Ignitus.  What’s troubling you?”

“The book gave off a flash of light just now.  You didn’t see it?”


“All the same, step away from the book before something happens.  I don’t know what it will do.”  Hunter nodded and stepped back.  A tiny black spark jumped from the book to his paw, so small that no one noticed.  His eyes flashed black for an instant.  He stopped and swayed where he stood.  Ignitus steadied him, “What’s wrong?”

“My vision went black for a moment…and I feel dizzy.  It is passing…but…”

Ignitus nodded, “Get back to your sleeping chambers.  We’ll all leave this book for a later time.”

… …some time later, when everyone was asleep, the book opened its cover and let the pages fly across until it reached the very center of the book’s spine.  It…gurgled, then fell silent.  For another long moment, it stayed like that…then a blackened paw thrust straight up from one of the pages.  Within the black were small splotches of a very light green.  As the paw emerged, the arm that the paw was attached to had no black on it anywhere, but the shoulder that came out did.  The other arm that accompanied the first was the exact opposite color scheme, leaving the blackened area in the middle of the arm rather than at both ends.  Jagged streaks of black covered the hide and tail.  The spiny mane that traveled along the dragon’s back was a darker green.  A green that did not travel into the darkened ball of rock at the end of the dragon’s tail.  Overall, the dragon was very thin, with no width except where small muscles were along the creature’s body.  Long, dark green horns curved in the air, each with an odd looking drop of something half dangling from various places along each horn.  The dragon smiled at its surroundings, “The Chronicler’s realm.  Fitting.”  He turned back to the book, but hissed, “Already out?  HOW?!  I never even ssssensssed your presenccccce!  Where did you go?!”  He growled and started walking forward.  As he did, his body deformed into a black mist that sank into the ground.  It was in this method that the dragon traveled each room until he found who he was looking for.


Morning came too soon, and yet not soon enough for everyone.  Spyro and Cynder were the slowest to rise—both worn out from the longer journey it had taken for them to reach Ignitus.  While everyone else was gathering in the main room of the library, Cynder and Spyro were only just beginning to wake.  Spyro was the first to fully waken, “…Cynder?”  He yawned wide and glanced down at her as she started to sit up.  She smiled lazily up at him.  He smiled back and nuzzled her cheek with his own, “You ready?”

She laughed, “Spyro, this is NOTHING like what we had to go through.  All we have to do is sit and listen to Ignitus tell us a story.  Last time anything interesting happened we were FIGHTING for our LIVES.  I should THINK the universe would cut us a little slack.  Don’t you?”

Spyro nodded, chuckling a little, “Yeah.  That would be nice.  I kinda miss the days when it was just me and Sparx out exploring the swamp.  I should go back and visit mom and dad sometime.  Introduce you to them.  You know?”  He turned toward her when she didn’t answer, but he soon saw why.  A blackened paw was reaching up out of the ground and had her by the muzzle.  She was struggling, but the grip on this thing was absolutely firm.  Spyro’s eyes went wide and he lunged for the hand, “Let go of her!!!!”

A raspy voice filled the room, hissing every time it spoke any s sort of sound, “She will take my placccce.  I will be free ssssoon.  Truly free.”  A large figure rose out of the ground, glaring at Spyro.  Spyro didn’t even flinch at the glare of this larger dragon.  It snarled and threw Cynder to the side, knocking her out when she hit the wall.  The large dragon dropped to all fours and started to advance upon Spyro, “I WILL be free, young purple one.  My prison wasss shattered one night prior, and I have only dayssss left to enssssure my newfound freedom.  Not even a dragon of legend will ssssstand in my way!”  It moved like a lightning quick snake, dodging Spyro’s initial attack with ease.  Spyro roared and charged for the stranger, anger rising in him each time he saw Cynder unconscious on the ground.  It grew so bad that one glance sent him into the darkened haze Malefor had tried to poison him with.  The serpentine dragon before him growled and ducked beneath Spyro’s beam of darkness, then…his eyes rested on the girl.  He was close to her now, and her being wounded seemed to enrage the purple dragon, The green dragon laughed and snatched her up with its tail, then sped off down the halls.

Spyro’s rage increased, sending him straight into a fury.  He released every ounce of dark energy he could get his paws on…but…unlike the first time he’d used it, the dark energy, as a fury, transformed into a much WIDER beam of light that engulfed everything in the range of Spyro’s vision.

He wouldn’t see it, but the green dragon had sped along the hallway until he had reached the Chronicler’s main room.   He glowed with dark powers, sliding into the floor as Spyro’s beam lashed straight into the place.  Below the blast, the green dragon sneered.  He waited until the blast was gone, then threw Cynder forward.  She sailed through the air…straight into the book.

The green dragon laughed, “Yessss!!!!”  That had done it.  He was now free to roam the land once more…He sank all the way into the ground, out of sight before anyone else in that room could try to stop him.

Spyro burst into the room, darkness pulsing all over his body.  His gaze swept across the room, searching for the dragon that had run off with Cynder…but he was not there…and…neither was she.  He rushed forward, past his friends, shouting her name, “CYNDER!  CYNDER!!!!!!!  ANSWER ME!!!!!!”  Again his gaze swept across the room, but he still saw nothing.  Finally…at that point, the darkness faded from him.  He fell where he was, emotionally crushed, “No…he got away.  He took her and got away!  I have to find her!  I have to FIND HER!”  The darkness flared up again, pulsing even stronger now as he turned toward Ignitus, “He came into this room.  Where did he go?!  He had Cynder!”

Ignitus shook his head, “Spyro, do not let your anger control you.  You’ll be blinded by your fury, and useless to help her.”

“But…but she…he took…”

“After you shot that blast at him, Spyro, he threw her into the air.  She landed…here.”  He motioned to the book, “She fell INTO the book, Spyro.  I believe this was her punishment for attacking the book, as mine was losing the library.  Her punishment is to be trapped…away from you.”

Spyro growled rushing at the book in anger, “I won’t let her stay trapped!  I WON’T!”  But as he moved to strike it, the book flew up and into the air, pages turning as if a strong gust of wind had caught each and every one.  The pages spun back until the very first page was by itself…and this time, on that page was a portrait of Cynder, staring sadly at something only she could see.  The sudden image of her jolted Spyro out of his darkened haze, “Cynder…”

“…attack again, and she won’t be coming back.”

Spyro blinked…where…what…a voice?  From nowhere?  But…whoever spoke was talking about Cynder.  He knew that much, “Why?”  He asked, sounding desperate, “Why did she have to get trapped in the book?!  What did she do that was so WRONG?!  GIVE HER BACK!!!”

The voice centered…but…it centered on the book itself.  It changed in pitch and style…sounded like a female, “No.  She attacked me.  She must, for a time, stay parted from that which she holds most precious.  It is the rule.  When he who first attacked me ends the story he has begun, she will be returned to you.  Not a moment before, and I won’t allow her to come back if you attack me, purple dragon.  Not even if he finishes his story.”

For a moment, everything was silent…no one moved, no one spoke…everyone watching Spyro and the book barely even breathed as they waited to see Spyro’s reaction.

But…he gave none.  Spyro hung his head, turned, and walked out of the room.  Sparx flew away to follow him, worried about his friend.  He didn’t speak until Spyro sat down…back in his room, staring sadly at the spot he’d seen Cynder when he’d woken up only moments ago…”I’ve failed…again.  I’ve failed HER.  What kind of dragon am I?  I’m supposed to do great things, but every time the people I REALLY care about are in trouble, I can’t do anything to help them.  I tried to make up for that by defeating Malefor…but I couldn’t even do that on my own.  Cynder was there to help me.”  He looked up at Sparx, “How can I keep going without her?!  She—she’s…she’s the only one I…who…who REALLY understands me.”

Sparx hit Spyro’s shoulder, “Hey.  You make it sound like the two of us never even met.”

“Sparx…that’s not what I mean.  Yeah, you were there more than she was, but you’ve always had people you can turn to.  Your parents…”

“Dude, OUR parents.  THEY said so.  Remember?  We might not be REAL brothers, but I’d say we are.  Now shut up and stop sulking.  You’re turning into a worse sad sack than ME.  I’ve never heard you complain even THIS much.”

Spyro shook his head, “Sparx…I can’t do this without her.  I just CAN’T.  I love her…”
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