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Ignitus sighed heavily once Spyro was gone.  He turned to the book, “Why give no warning?  Why did you take away my books?  I attacked you AFTER they vanished, not before.”

The book slowly began to settle on its pedestal, “The last one to attack me before you sent me into deep slumber.  The punishment you received was meant for him…and then for you when you attacked me.  Cynder’s attack revived me.  It is the rule that all who attack me must be punished.  I am grateful she woke me, but the rules must always be upheld.”

“…where…wait.  You know her name?”

“Cynder?  I learned her name when I sent her away.”

“But…the dragon that threw her to you was not female.”

“Dragon who…” The voice paused, “What did he look like?”

“Green…thin…and able to use darkness the same way Cynder is able.”

The book…growled…”He escaped.  That monster should not have left the confines of my pages.  He is responsible for turning Malefor from his true path.  He and one other.”

“Tru—Malefor was…he was twisted by others?”

“Yes.  And that green dragon was one of two.  Both claimed to be elder masters of ancient elements.  They were not the true masters of the elements they spoke of…and to punish them, they were sent into me to stay for all time, left to watch history play out without them.  The punishment was to send Cynder away from that which she held most precious…this dragon carried out her punishment by sending her into me in his place.”

“…how do we get her back?  You’ve broken Spyro by doing this.”

“She is well, and…may well solve a much larger problem, if she understands where she was sent.  She was sent into my pages…but more than that, the magicks that bind my pages are linked to the very events in history they depict.  You are reading the stories of Malefor’s line, are you not?”


“She is in his time.  She can change the future those two monsters dropped Malefor into.”

Hunter frowned, “But…that means that you are truthfully the only way to get her back.”


“Spyro may need her before the story is finished.”  He went silent for a moment, thinking over something.  His face lit up and he turned, “I need to speak to Spyro about something very urgent.  Book, does Ignitus need an audience to tell these stories to?”

“No.  As long as he speaks them…as long as at least he reads the story, he can end what punishments have happened.”

“Good.  Ignitus.  Keep reading.  If my plan fails, yours will still work.”

“My—Hunter, what are you planning?”

“I must not speak it.  It may fail before it can even be tried.  That is why I must speak with Spyro.  He holds the key I’d need, if indeed there IS one.”

…”Wh…wha…where…”  She groaned and opened her eyes.  Where was she?  Cynder shook her head, “Ugh…I…!!!  SPYRO!”  Cynder’s eyes shot fully open as she searched around her.  No sign of him.  No sign of Ignitus’ lair!  She…she was out in the middle of a grassy field, in a place she could not recognize.  Well…at least things around her were peaceful.  She started forward.  Bugs flew lazily through the air, birds sang somewhere in the distance.  Everything felt peaceful.  She sighed and plodded onward, focusing her senses on everything around her.  She hadn’t gone through a WAR without learning to never let your guard down.  For all she knew, something might be waiting somewhere to attack her.  It certainly wouldn’t happen out in this field—too open.  But there was a forest up ahead, and that was an easy spot for an ambush.  She froze when she heard laughter, and crouched low to the ground.  Gah.  It was times like this that she hated her black scales.  Over in the forest, she would have been able to blend in with the shadows a little, but out here she was completely exposed.  The laughter sounded off again…a child.  Cynder glanced in the laughter’s direction to see three dragon children flying about in the sky…playing sort of aerial tag game.  She smiled up at the sight…

…until they saw HER.  But what could she do?  As they veered toward her, all she could do was stand and wait to see who it was.  Three dragons, all boys.  One was blue, one was yellow…and the last?

…purple.  At first her hopes ROSE, “Spyro?”  She called out tentatively.  Cynder grimaced as they came closer, starting to hope they hadn’t heard her call.  The purple one was NOT Spyro.  He looked nothing like Spyro except the scale color…and that was just the main scale color.  He didn’t have gold spines or horns.  His horns were a darkened blackish-red.  The three boys landed a few feet away from her, and the purple one spoke first, “A little too far from your village, aren’t you?”

She snorted, “Oh, and YOU aren’t?”

The purple one laughed, “Okay, okay.  You got me there…but at least I traveled with company.”

Cynder looked away, “I didn’t exactly volunteer for MY trip.  Where AM I, anyway?  I don’t recognize ANY of this area…”

All three boys looked at her, stunned.  The blue one stepped forward, “You don’t even know where you ARE?  Do you have ANY idea who you’re even LOOKING at?  We’re the three Legends!  I am Cyris.”

The yellow grinned, “Damon.”  The blue and the yellow dragon spoke together for the next word, “…AND…” Both made a grand flourish toward the purple dragon.


Cyris jumped in with what sounded like a prepared speech, “The purple dragon!  The Titan of Thunder!”

Damon jumped in right then, “Emperor of Earth!”

“Father of Flames!”

“And Inventor of Ice!”

Malefore chuckled and shook his head, “Would you two STOP that?  Look at her!  She’s getting SCARED of you guys!”

Actually, Cynder had frozen when she’d heard the purple dragons name.  For a long moment, she could only stand and stare, but her anger started to build…slowly, then…she screamed out and charged Malefor, tackling him with all of her strength.  Tears rolled down her face and she tossed him into the air, as she jumped up and grabbed him to claw at him with her hind legs.

…but…Malefor was faster.  In the air, he opened his wings and flapped hard, rising out of her reach before she could grab him again.  Crying openly now, she shouted out and released her fear element.  It locked his wings and brought him back to the ground, where she tackled him again.  But this time, before she could reach him, Damon and Cyris stepped in front of her, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!!”  She skidded to a stop in front of them.  Cyris continued, “He’s the freaking PURPLE dragon!  He’s gonna do SO much for this world!  Why the heck are you trying to KILL him?!!!”

She growled, “Get OUT of my way.  My fight is not with you, and I will see that monster DEAD.”

Malefor stumbled to his feet, coughing, “Wow…crud, girl.  You’re one HECK of a fighter.  No wonder you were out by yourself.  You don’t NEED the help.”  He swayed a little, but soon caught his balance and straightened, “How do you know the fear element?  I only just learned it.”

He just…her eyes went wide, “You…you only…but…” She grimaced, “Do you know wind, poison, and Darkness as well?”

“…yeah.  How did YOU know I knew?”

Cynder caught herself before she spilled everything, “Those are common elements where I’m from.  I could never learn the other four.”

Damon gave her a glare, “Yeah, well knowledge ain’t gonna save you.  You attacked Malefor.  You gotta pay.”

Malefor shook his head and stepped between his two friends, “Actually guys…I want her to stay.  She could teach me her moves.  I mean, did you SEE that?  She was FAST!  If you two hadn’t stepped in after she used her fear element, I’d probably be a goner right now.  Think about it!  She was about to take down the PURPLE dragon!  The guy who’s supposed to be better than everyone else!  She’s got moves I’ve never seen ANYONE in the village use during their sparring matches!  Let her stay.  I wanna learn from her.”  He turned to Cynder, “Well?  Will you?  I NEED a teacher like you.  The last two I had up and left just the other day.  You coming here is like the Ancestors telling me you’re the replacement…and a GOOD one, at that.”

Wait…stay?  With HIM?

…maybe she should.  She could change the future if she DID.  She could try to make Malefor a beacon of light, instead of the dark monster he’d become.  No war for her to be kidnapped in…no eggs shattered of her nestmates.  She and Spyro would grow up surrounded by friends…she frowned, “I don’t know.  I…I really…I shouldn’t be here, to be honest.”

Malefor grinned, “Even BETTER!  We need a fourth person for our group!”

Cyris jumped back a step, “WHAT?  No WAY am I staying in a group with a GIRL!”

Damon snickered, “Yeah, a girl that could wipe the floor with you.  Chicken.  You saw what she did just as well as the rest of us.  She’s good, and I’d much rather have her on our side than against us.”

“Come on, I’ll show you around the village.”  He took up a spot beside her and walked with her.  She was reluctant to move.  She…she was in the past…somehow.  That green dragon had charged in, knocked her out, and now she was here…away from Spyro…with MALEFOR.  She hadn’t wanted to go to the village, but she seemed to have no choice.  Yeah, changing Malefor into a better person was a good idea, but did she REALLY want to change things?  What if it did something to her relationship with Spyro?  What if…what if they never meet, or become friends because of this?  Would she ever find a way back?  Where would she go?  How would she get there?  Malefor picked up on her worry, “Hey…you okay?”

She blinked and looked up, “Huh?  I…I’ve been thinking…”

“Yeah, for the past hour.  You haven’t said a word, just watched the ground and sulked while we were walking.  What’s up?”

“I…I miss someone…a lot.”

Malefor nudged her, “Long way from home?”

“…you could say that.”

“Hey, why WERE you out here, anyway?  You said you didn’t volunteer for your trip.  Who sent you?”

“I don’t know.  I…someone knocked me out…and I woke up in the field where you found me.”

Malefor fell silent.  He glanced at the sky for a second, then, with a smile, turned back to her, “Hey, I’ll make a deal with you, since you seem so uncertain.  If you promise to teach me the way you fight, and whatever you know about your elements, I promise to help you get back to your home.  Deal?”

Cynder’s eyes went wide.  She stopped walking and stared at Malefor, “You…you’re nothing like him…”


She shook her head to clear it and answered, “Someone else.  Someone else.  Yes.  I’ll teach you…but you PROMISE you’ll help me find a way back?”

“ABSOLUTELY!”  Malefor answered with a wide grin.  He laughed and jumped into the air to spread his wings.  The young purple dragon glided forward for a moment before landing gently on a log.

Cynder chuckled, “I have a few flying lessons for you, too, Malefor…but first, which way is your home?”  He pointed with a wing.  Cynder laughed again and took to the sky, RACE YOU!”  She soared ahead of him and gained as much altitude as she could muster, searching for an air current to carry her and lend her speed.  AH!  There was one!  She started for it, but Malefor shouted something below her.  He looked…scared?  She dropped down to his level, “What’s wrong?”

“Are you CRAZY?!!!  Don’t go THAT way!  Do you WANT to wake up the Golem?!

“…golem?  As in, Earth golem?  Like the kind that live DEEP under the ground?  That sort of thing?”

Malefor gave her a confused stare, “You…knew?”

She grinned again, “I’ve killed one before.”

Malefor shook, “…seriously?  You HAVE?”

“Yeah.  Me and Spyro.  The two of us took care of the monster without a problem.”


“The one that I miss.  He…I…we’re…”

Malefor’s head hung, “In love?”


“So…you’re not available?”

“No.  No I’m not.  But back to the subject.  He and I took down an Earth golem, as well as other monsters.  LOTS of other monsters.”

“…are you sure we’re talking about the same Earth golem?  I mean, how BIG was yours?”

“Taller than any building ever made.”

“…yeah, but how BIG?  Like, the size of an island big?  Or smaller than that?”

Ah.  That’s why he was so upset about the idea.  Her smile grew, “Both.”

“Bo—you’ve killed BOTH KINDS before?!”

“Yes.  Spyro and I were the best fighters out there.  We were in the middle of a war, and the two of us stopped it dead in its tracks.”  Well…the Destroyer hadn’t been killed, but it had been stopped.  The only reason it had completed its circle was probably because of Malefor’s influence on it…but she wasn’t going to tell him that.  It wouldn’t be a good thing to give him any ideas of power like that.

Malefor looked back at the air current, then back at Cynder, then again at the air current.  He frowned, “…I never got your name?”


“Oh…okay.  Cynder?  You’ve fought one of these things before.  Lately, someone’s been trying to wake up the monster earth golem.  He keeps calling it the Destroyer…for some reason.  A lot of the Elders in the village are getting worried about it, but they say I’m too young to go face the task of pushing it back, and the Elders haven’t been wrong before.  So…I was wondering.  If…if we went there right now, since you’ve fought one before, will you help me fight this one?  Help me kill it?  I…I want to prove to them that I can be MORE than they’d ever expect.”

”No worries there.”  Cynder thought, though she said nothing.  She mulled it over for a second.

Malefor took it as her thinking to say no, and quickly added, “Damon and Cyris will be there to back us up.  I don’t do anything without those two…and they can fight with the best of them in our village.  Please?  This would show them all that I can be better than they could ever imagine.  I want to prove I’m the best purple dragon this world will ever see…but I’ll need your help.  Please…”
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Spyro and company is copyrighted to the fine people who made him and his games. Cyris and Damon are copyrighted to me.

Hi there! Sorry for the wait! Next piece is up!

So! Now that Cynder's fate is more or less sealed, what will she do with her opportunity?

That, dear readers, is up to you to decide.

Here are your choices.

A ) She says yes, and they go face the Destroyer.

B ) She says yes, but will only go by herself.

C ) She says yes, but will not allow Cyris or Damon to come along.

D ) She says no.

E ) She says yes, but wants him to take her to the village first so that they can practice and she can teach him a few things.

F ) A village Elder finds them all and brings them back before she can give an answer.

G ) The one responsible for trying to resurrect the Destroyer sees them and attacks them.


H ) The Destroyer begins its circle of destruction.

Link to beginning of book one : [link]

Link to next chapter : [link]

Link to previous chapter : [link]
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